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Hate TV Executives . . . Forever!

“So help me, Trent, if you don’t get back on the interstate, I’m going to, to…hate you forever!”
Jenks’s wings hummed as he laughed. “I’d get your ass back on the interstate, cookie maker. You wouldn’t like it if Rachel hated you forever.”

Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

People always complain how movies get books wrong.  The changes the director of all the Harry Potter movies made, or the edits by Peter Jackson for the Lord of the Ring movies, were criticized by many.  Hollywood tries to explain that some changes are necessary to translate from book to movies, but people still get fussy.

But, I don’t think movies do a bad job.  They usually stick to the overall plot (outside of Savages, but that’s a whole different story), and make changes that are necessary due to law, filming ability, and, of course, sales.

But TV?  TV irritates me.  The changes they make from books to tv are almost always completely different.  Sometimes, yes it’s for the better (Vampire Diaries).  Other shows make drastic changes like True Blood.  The point taking away from the novels as a whole.

The Hollows was slated for the CW this year, but it got cancelled for various reasons.  But from what the author said and I’ve heard around, A lot of the changes they were going to do would change the overall plot.  Such as they would have made Kisten a witch and Jenks wouldn’t exist.  The Hollows just wouldn’t be the Hollows without Jenks!

I am now reading the book 666 Park Avenue, and ABC is coming out with a show in the fall.  Just from the previews, I can see the whole plot premise is changed.  In the book, She is Parisian American who falls in love with a New Yorker, and they move to HIS family’s home on Park Avenue.  The show, it’s just a regular married couple.  The reason why that irritates me is because her past and him being part of that family, is so integral to the book!  Stupid.

I can usually deal with the changes movies make.  But TV shows, they just make me mad. I am gonna hate TV executives forever…Or at least fume about this for the rest of the day.

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