Review: The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison

03 Mar

How could something be so wrong and so right all at the same time? No, not wrong, just difficult.

The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison

Summary: Rachel Morgan is almost done her 3 month stint working security for Trent Kalamack. 3 months of “working together” did not diminish her attraction to him, just made it worse. But they cannot be together without causing havoc. Yet now, magic has started to go haywire, and the undead vampires refuse to wake up. Rachel has to save the world, again. Will she able to save the world while also finding a way to be at peace with being without love?

Review: I was done with this book 8 AM the day it came out. I even read it a second time. But I was hesitant to write this review. Only because I can’t do the book justice.

When an urban fantasy series gets to book 12, one wonders how one can advance the “magic world”. Well Harrison didn’t disappoint us, giving us a good look into elven wild magic. The entity known as the “Goddess” got worked over big time, and I felt for Rachel when she had all the mystics in her head. It was fascinating to see how wild magic tied in with not just demons, but with all the other creatures in the world Rachel lives in.

Rachel has grown quite a bit in the past 11 books, but she still had a little bit of growing left to do. In this book, Rachel learned to let go of her fears and trust with her heart. Likewise, Trent had to learn how to balance his responsibilities and his love for another. These two learned to love each other not just behind the scenes, but in front of a world who disproves of their union. My husband and I had to fight some very similar battles in our quest for happiness and love, so this book spoke volumes to me. I suppose I would be Trent in this scenario, learning that duty does not supersede personal happiness.

As usual, bang up job supporting cast! Ivy is now an incredibly strong individual, learning to love in a healthy manner. Jenks is feeling his age, but is learning to cope with all the changes around him. We even see growth in characters like David, Edden and Newt. My favorite character is one I love to hate, Ellasabeth. Before this book, I thought she was just evil. I’ve learned now that she isn’t a supernatural type evil like Ku’Sox was, but an everyday person who is too self-absorbed to do the right thing. Ellasabeth loves the children and possibly cares for Trent, but she can’t see outside of her petulant box. I felt a bit sorry for her, even though I am GLAD to see her go.

Sure, who doesn’t love a good romance? Harrison did not fail; she showed us that true love is worth fighting for. But more importantly, she showed us that love survives when you have a real family. A family not necessarily of blood, but made of love.

Violence: Typical of Urban Fantasy, a bit low key at times
Sex: One steamy sex scene, some kissing

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Series Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Next Book: The final installment, book 13, will be out in 2015!

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