ARC Review: Black Heart by Christina Henry

29 Oct

“It’s better if I don’t make grand gestures,” Puck said. “It tends to draw unwanted attention.”
“And it doesn’t draw unwanted attention when I do it?” I asked.
“Well, yes, it might,” Puck admitted. “But when you do it, ancient beings don’t construe your actions as an act of war. They just think you’re flying off the handle— again.”

Black Heart by Christina Henry

**Copy provided by NetGalley**

Summary: The Retrievers are coming to get Maddy, so Nathaniel sends her through a portal to… Well, Maddy has no idea where. She is lost in an unknown land, and there is not another human in sight. When water demons attack her, and she spies her first real life Dragon, Maddy realizes that she truly is all alone…

Review: The Black Wings novels are short, but the latest installment was an enjoyable start to my day.

The world buildings at times can be convoluted. I am not sure where the supernaturals are from all the time, and what their motivations are. But I believe that is how Henry is trying to make us feel. Maddy can’t really trust anyone offering her favors, Especially not the four brothers, Lucifer, Puck, Alerian, and Daharan. Daharan is the 4th brother we just met, the most powerful, and the only one Maddy trusts. The question for us then is: who are the four brothers? What does it mean? Sometimes I feel that more questions come up than the number of answers we get.

Maddy’s story shines through the complexity of her characters. Maddy herself is very complex, walking the fine line between good and evil. Has she gone too dark? Is she taking too many risks? Some characters think so while other characters relish in her dark side. Maddy’s two sides I think are parallel to her remaining love interests. Nathaniel represents her going dark, J.B. represents her humanity.

Another strength of Henry’s is the pace of her overall plot. Through most of the book, the story moves at her normal fast place. Not so fast that it’s confusing but just enough to keep the excitement up. The only part where it felt slow was the beginning, when Maddy was off by herself. The characters really make the plot move in these books, and Maddy being on her own was a tad bit boring.

All in all, I enjoy Maddy’s adventures immensely. I am looking forward to all the questions being answered. Urban Fantasy fans will enjoy the books along with me. Just make sure you start from the beginning, or else you’ll be confused.

Sex: sex scene, kissing
Violence: Supernatural destruction and death

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Series Rating 4 out of 5 stars

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