ARC Review: Dying is My Business by Nicholas Kaufmann

28 Sep

“I can hear the heartbeat of this city in my head like a constant drum, the din of breath and metal, the cracking of its skin underfoot. It never stops, never gives me a moment’s peace, but soon it will. Soon there will be silence.”
“Seriously?” I interrupted. “You want to destroy New York City because it’s too loud? Why can’t you just move to Westchester like everyone else?”

Dying is My Business by Nicholas Kaufmann

Summary: Trent died plenty of times. Yet he always wakes up, someone else dying instead. He might be able to stop it if he had any memory of who he was. Trent’s boss, the crime boss Underwood, sends him on a mission to retrieve a box and kill the people guarding it. But Trent has not killed anyone outright, and after goblins attack, he realizes the world is not what it seems. Someone has to know who Trent is.

Review: It is rare that a first book in a series blows me away. But “Dying is my Business” is an excellent addition to the Urban Fantasy drama.

One of the mistakes author’s make is that they complicate their world building. However, Kaufmann kept the formula very simple with small twists. Trent is a man who can come back to life. A simple human with a weird twist. No weird name for the supernaturals, and no big flash for the cast. This gave room for character and plot growth. The world he built in NYC was beautifully displayed to the readers.

Also, the well written plot engaged me. It followed a consistent arc, and there was no place in the book moved too slow or too fast. With action starting from the very first page, the plot ebbed and flowed naturally. There was a little romance, but nothing overwhelming. The twist at the end surprised me, and it left me craving the next book.

A cross between Harry Dresden and Seely Booth, Trent is the perfect Urban Fantasy protagonist. He is masculine without being a pig. He recognizes his faults and is brave enough to try to avoid hurting people with it. Kaufmann also wrote the supporting characters well. My favorite was Thornton; knowing he was nearly dead and trying to live while rotting from the inside out, his character exemplified complexity. I also thought the Dark Knight was a well developed bad guy.

I highly recommend you to read about Trent and his multiple lives. I am so excited for the next installment.

Sex: kissing
Violence: fighting and guns

Release date: October 8th, 2013


(Just found out he has written several books and is not a new author. Sorry for mistake. That’s what I get for writing a blog on a road trip.)


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