Book Review: Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon

24 Sep

The most beautiful heart of all is the one that can still love even while it bleeds, and especially after it’s been shattered into thousands of pieces.

Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Summary: We know Acheron’s twin brother as arrogant, uncaring, distant, and a total jerk. But we don’t know the whole story. No one is what we thought they were. Can Styxx and Acheron learn to move past hurts and learn to see the other as a brother, even after 11 thousand years of misery?

Review: I liked parts of this book a lot. I also disliked this book a lot. I’m so confused. With everything I liked, there were elements that I disliked.

Kenyon created for us one of the best world’s in the fantasy genre. I loved the return of Greek and Atlantean Pantheons, along with the tie ins with Egyptian ones. Kenyon shared more of Atlantis, 11 thousand year old Greece, and even different areas of Kateteros. There was no new magic introduced, but we learned more about magic already in use, such as how Chthonians are made. However, as much as I love the world Kenyon built, it seems like everyone in her world ends up with powers, human or not. It always seems like “Here is this regular person and oh look, he now all of a sudden is a god”! It’s predictably boring.

I enjoyed the general plot. Even though the Dark-Hunter series is a paranormal romance, I get tired of the overly lovey dovey talk. In this book though, there was as much focus on Styxx and Acheron’s relationship as there was on the love story. Maybe even more, and I love it. On the flip side, the plot was dragged on and on. Yes, we got that Styxx was horribly abused. We got that Styx and Bethany had a never ending love, one that was reborn over, and over, and over. Ryssa and Acheron were mean, etc. etc. Why did each element get brought up more than 3 times? I think she could have cut out 200 to 300 pages out of the book. There were many points during my read where I thought, “When will this book end!?!?!”

I also enjoyed that several plot elements were tied up in this book. The loose ends from Acheron were tied up, especially the Atlantean pantheon hating Acheron plot line. Acheron and Styxx resolve their issues, finally. And people are starting to realize someone is changing the past (if you have no idea what I am talking about, you need to read the Chronicles of Nick books). At the same time, some of the plot lines that were resolved came out of the blue. Like Set and Seth: how did that problem get solved? Why did it have to be behind the scenes? She explained a bit more how the Native American mythology tied in with the main storyline, yet I still don’t understand.

I am tired of DH heroes all being “Abused in the worst way possible” getting with the most angelic rescuing female possible. How about abused women? Our lives suck, too! Her heroes and heroines need to be more diverse.

I would give Part I 2 stars But Part II I would give 4 stars. I will say though, this book renewed my interest in the series overall (Who is Acheron’s dad!?!?!). If you are a Dark-Hunter reader, I say read this book–just skim some pages in Part I.

Sex: Typical PNR sex scenes
Violence: Lots of sexually violent scenes. Regular violence, too. Probably most violent Dark-Hunter book.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Series Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars

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