ARC Review: Charming by Elliott James

30 Aug

“Episcopalians will let anybody in,” Molly agreed. “It’s all the drinking that goes on at our conferences. Half the time when our bishops are raising their hands to vote, they think they’re ordering another scotch.”

Charming by Elliott James

Summary: A hot blonde, a vampire and a knight are hanging out at a bar… That sounds like a joke, but John Charming’s life is about to change. Tired of running away from those who are supposed to support him, John Charming is about to embark on a journey where he finally realizes he really isn’t as alone as he thought.

Review: It’s hard to break into the Urban Fantasy world for a new author, but Elliott James nailed it with Charming. In this world, magic is a secret from humans, but it won’t be for long. Magic is kept a secret by a spell, and that spell is about to break apart. That is the premise of this world. You have all types of magical creatures. New to the genre are the guards that protect the secret spell, the Pax Arcana. Knights, Kresnicks, etc.

John Charming is our hero. He is from a family of Knights, those who protect those who threaten the spell. But, he’s different. His main love interest in this book is a Sig, a hot. blonde Valkyrie who is much more than a pretty face. The romance took over a good portion of the book. It was intertwined with the main plot, but it still felt a bit much. For an Urban Fantasy, perhaps a bit much?

The supporting cast was fun. Molly is my favorite. She is the perfect non judgmental, spiritual friend that everyone needs. Cahill looks as if he may become John’s best friend, and Choo is fun and serious at the same time. The only thing we are missing is the comical sidekick.

The plot was also overtaken by First Book Syndrome info dump. Almost all the pages in the book seemed to be about telling us about the world. And it wasn’t done naturally, like a conversation. By the time you get to the end of the book, you realize why the info dump sounded like a manual. But it took away a bit of the joy of reading. Maybe if James put the why at the beginning of the book, the info dump wouldn’t have seemed overwhelming. Because of the info dump and the romance, the plot seemed a bit thin. And a bit typical. Vampires are bad, get them. Got it. Still, the spin on it was interesting and unusual, considering the circumstances of John and Sig.

Even considering the minuses, this was a solid start to the “Pax Arcana” series. I will definitely be looking forward to the next installments. I’m already reading the short stories! The book will be released September 24th, 2013.

Sex: Kissing
Violence: Fighting, blood.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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