90 Days Not So Much

11 Jul

“I couldn’t get back up. Both of my legs were damaged. No strength, but they didn’t stop me. I crawled towards my prey, using my arms as leverage. Anything to sate my hunger. Even flesh that was raw, alive, and clothed.”


To work on my latest project, about the single mother stuck in an apocalypse, I decided to read and use the book “The 90-Day Novel: Unlock the story within” by Alan Watt. It is a good book, with a lot of great material. But I think I am going to stop using it, at least for the current project. Here’s why:

1) The background work on the project had progressed quite a bit before I started the book. The book really works for any untouched project. A blank slate, or a story that is just building. I had character sheets, plot outlines, and even planned for future books for Maya and Jessie (the main characters).

2) In order for the book to work, you have to work on it straight 90 days, no breaks. If I missed a day or two, it would be one thing, but I have been using the book in for four months and only got to day 12. I should have finished my book by now, and I haven’t even started writing content yet!

3) I’m wondering if his style and my style are in sync. I like that he has some structure to it (outlining the storyline into 3 acts), but some of it is more “new agey” and less technique. I need technique help more than ideas help.

I’m willing to go back to the book for my next project, but for this one, I think I’m going to go with my old method, and just start writing. So…. I finally get to start REALLY writing the first chapter! Yay!!

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