Review: Tempest Reborn by Nicole Peeler

01 Jun

“There was nothing so off-putting as seeing the bane of your nightmares wearing some giant Pampers.”

Tempest Reborn by Nicole Peeler

Summary: After losing people she loves, Jane is on her own to save the world from her monsters. Old and new friends are along to help her. Yet when the time comes for the greatest sacrifice, will Jane be able to step up to the plate?

Review: Is Jane’s adventure really over? Apparently so, but what a great end! The 6th and final book in the series, Tempest Reborn does not disappoint. Neither does Jane and her appetite.

In an already established world, the final book is about the conclusion of the hero’s personal journey. And as much as Jane would like that to be food related, In this world, it is defeating two ultimate evil dragons, one of which is Anyan (Noooooooooooooooo). Peeler does a fantastic job by creating a world that is both devastating and fun. Humor and sadness needed to be balanced, and Peeler succeeds. New additions to this world was alchemy and interpreting the uninterpretable. The world built in Rockabill, ME was evenly tempered with small town charm, urban excitement, and supernatural intrigue.

Jane’s character development is the highlight of this series. She goes from a timid, scared girl to a woman who takes on DRAGONS. And it wasn’t just a light switch, but a gradual development. Other characters (like Ryu) were surprised by Jane’s growth, but it made her even stronger. I really appreciated Peeler’s talent in Jane’s character development.

Talk about an all star cast. Ryu played a bigger role in this book, and was at his best. Ryu has grown as much as Jane, realizing his mistakes in the past. Iris got stronger, and Hiral was a fabulous ally. There were some losses in this book, but not as prominent of a loss as in the last book. And of course, the best book boyfriend ever, Anyan (Let the girly sighs commence).

The only thing I was squirmy about was the epilogue. It was a bit cliche. But even among the cliche, Peeler just doesn’t have it to because it makes everything happy. There is a purpose to her every move.

I know I have been a bit vague, but there was not much I could share without giving spoilers away. You know what that means? It means you have to read it! Both Jane’s virtue and libido agree–these are a worthy read!

Sex: Awesome sex scenes
Violence: Deaths and supernatural mayhem.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Series: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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