21 May

“Something’s missing
And I don’t know how to fix it
something’s missing
And I don’t know what it is
At all”

“Something’s Missing” by John Mayer

I looked on the posts page today, and saw that in the last few weeks, I published nothing new. I have plenty of unfinished posts. I have been having trouble completing thoughts and transferring from my head to the keyboard. So in case you were wondering why this is only the second post this month–that’s why.

I’ll have a few more posts (maybe), including a review or two. But then I may go missing again. I am doing an almost 3 week trip visiting MD, LA, and central Texas. I’m calling it my Time Zone Trip, or TZT. Cause I’m gonna be in every time zone in the continental U.S. My body will be so confused going from MDT, EDT, PDT, CDT, and back to MDT all in a matter of 19 days.

But I’m excited. I need a break to clear my head. Maybe when I come home there will be a resurgence of posts! Wishful thinking.

Oh on a side note, I crossed the 40 lb. threshold and have lost 41 lbs even. Yayyyyy!

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