Short waisted, long torso, plus size, large…

20 Apr

“I’d rather be shot, stabbed, or chewed on by a rogue vamp,” I whispered to her, “than go through being fitted for a formal gown again.”

Blood Cross by Faith Hunter

There is a lot I know about my body shape, and I know my natural waist sits higher than most people. I also know the gap between my waist and hips is huge. My belly button sits lower, my hips are normal. My legs are short, but not too short where I am relegated to petite sized jeans. But I wanted to know, was I short waisted? Long torsoed? What clothes would look good on me? I already know how to dress a large bust, plus size. How to hide a tummy, show off a great neck/shoulder.

My body shape conclusion: short waisted, long torso, large bust, average length legs, hourglass figure, plus size, wide shoulders, round face. So how do I dress that?

It’s apparently not uncommon for women with larger busts, especially shorter ones, to have a short waist and long torso. However, I’m finding that it’s really hard to dress. For short waisted, they say don’t wear a wide belt at your waist, wear a low slung skinny belt. But for large busts (especially plus sized) the best advice is to wear a large belt at your waist to highlight your hourglass figure.

Sheesh! I’m confused. I’d be scratching my head if I weren’t typing. Fashion advice is confusing. The best advice I have heard is, “try clothes on.” More often than not, I hate the clothes I try on. 9 times out of 10, at least. Yet, by trying out different things, I do find the one fabulous top, cute sweater, sexy bra, and “make my butt look like it exists” jeans.

So be long waisted, flat footed, small chested, big chested, lopsided boobs… Whatever. Listen to the advice and take it with you. But you know what? I don’t really care what I am. As long as I find clothes that make me feel beautiful and sexy, I could care less which belt I wear.

ETA: This post is about me. About what I like, and what I want to wear. Wear whatever you want to wear that adds on to a great self-confidence.

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