Book Review: The Lost by Vicki Pettersson

20 Mar

Grif stared at her. “You want me to wear a hat that beeps?” 
Kit folded her arms. “Is this a guy thing? Like asking for directions when you’re driving?” 
“It’s a hat. That. Beeps.”

The Lost by Vicki Pettersson

Summary: Kit and Griff have had a steady relationship for months, but their romance is far from perfect. For one, Griff is part human and part Centurion, and all dead. Also, Griff’s been tasked to find “The Lost” and it leads them to an unusual but potent drug. Kit is haunted by Griff’s ex-wife and her own past. But the big question still looms over them: “Who killed Griffin Shaw?”

Review: I’m really growing fond of the Celestial Blues series. From the characters to the world building to the setting, Pettersson has created something fresh to the Urban Fantasy genre.

As a second book, the world already has a strong framework. There were new additions, such as meeting the fallen, and learned how evil they are. We see more of Griff’s past and Evie’s current location. We see more of Kit’s rockabilly lifestyle, and how her lifestyle intersects with Kit’s life and modern day life.

The strength of these novels is the characters. Griff is in love with Kit, but his past love for his wife keeps pulling him back. Kit is a happy person with a sparkly personality, but that’s just a mask for her deeper pain. We see the multiple dimensions of the secondary characters as well, like Marin, Dennis, and Evie.

I love Griff and Kit’s relationship in this book. In The Taken, it was passion heavy, and represented roses and kisses, and extremely hot and heavy sex. But in the second book, the relationship was 5 months later, and it was more representative of real life. Sure, they still had chemistry, but the relationship settled down to a natural pattern. No ridiculous intense passion that is not humanly possible, but a calming burn that a good relationship should have. Plus, they had some real relationship problems. They have insecurities that happen to all of us at some point, all with a backdrop of the supernatural and mystery.

The few issues I had with The Taken were less of a problem in this book. The “film noir” language coming out of 21st century people came more naturally, and the book was also “fantasy lite”, but I barely noticed. The only reason why I rated the book 4 stars instead of 5 was because the ending was predictable. This story can take so many directions, and I was expecting something new and original from our author. Yet, it was cliche. And for a story that has much intrigue and uniqueness, the ending left me feeling “that’s it?” I should be terribly excited to have the next and final book in the trilogy, but I have no strong feelings.

If you read Taken and liked it, you are bound to appreciate this installment in The Celestial Blues trilogy. If you want an (almost) fresh story in the fantasy genre, Then pick up these two books, and you’ll be both hip and groovy!

Sex: Love making scenes, kissing, not explicit.
Violence: Fighting, drugs, possessions. A lot milder than the last book.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Series Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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