Book Review: Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs

06 Mar

“You will eat this and go to sleep, so your pronouns get their antecedents back.”

Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs

Summary: Mercy never catches a break. First her step-daughter drags her black Friday shopping, then she gets in a car accident. But to make matters worse, she can’t get in touch with Adam, her alpha werewolf husband, or the rest of the pack. She may be on her own, but she will find them. But not without some costs.

Review: The last few Mercy books dragged on. As much as I love Mercy and Adam together, their romance is boring to me. The last few books also moved at a slow pace. However, reading Frost Burned was a return to the first few Mercy Thompson books. We had action, a balanced dose of romance, and good dosage of my favorite characters.

It is the seventh book; therefore the world is pretty much built. However, there are little bits changed and added here and there. I have not read the sister series, Alpha and Omega, but from what I understand, their world has turned upside down. The stories have moved to a new direction, of more global politics than just local pack issues. And now they are being tied in with the vampires and the Fae. The plot is fantastic, with every scene unfolding to a bigger and scarier problem.

When it comes to the characters, I’m not that fond of Mercy and Adam. Mercy is a very inconsistent character. One moment she listens to other people, and in the next she loses common sense. She’s one of those characters that never makes “mistakes”, and that’s boring. However, I love the supporting cast in the series. My favorites, Stefan, Ben, Kyle, Jesse, etc. are all in this book and play key roles. These characters are more interesting than Mercy and Adam.

One thing that annoys me throughout all the books is how Mercy forgives the wolves for their sins, but always holds Stefan to this high standard that he can never meet. If werewolves can be forgiven because of instinct, that so can vampires. If vampires are evil because they kill, then so are werewolves. I think it’s more of a personal pet peeve because Stefan is my favorite character.

The world Briggs made is breathtaking, and we see a return to that original vision. There are still problems in the book for me, but a lot has since the last 3 books.

Violence: Violence: killing, a werewolf dies, fighting, etc.
Sex: Kissing and references to sex

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Series Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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