Book Review: Black City by Christina Henry

28 Feb

“You know, I’m not much of a let’s-make-discoveries-for-science gargoyle. I’m more of a watching-science-on-TV-while-eating-pan-fried-noodles gargoyle.”

Black City by Christina Henry

Synopsis: Vampires can now walk in the daylight, just when Maddy lost her wings. Maddy is trying to save the world, protect her unborn child, and move past the death of her husband. But with everything going on around her, can she stop herself from crossing the line?

Review: This series had a slow start. The romance between Maddy and Gabriel dragged the books down. But ever since his death, the books have gotten better and better. The books are still short and go extremely fast. On the plus side, there is not a dull moment. However, the books move so fast that I think that there are a lot of choppy scenes. It’s especially noticeable in the romantic moments. The overall storyline is captivating and unique, but there are so many choppy scenes, moments get lost. The world built around Lucifer and company expands in this book. The world building needed more details and scenes that were slowed down. The brevity in the novels makes me feel as if I’m always rushed.

Henry’s strength comes from her characters. They are truly multidimensional. It is rare for an author to make their hero, especially one told from the first person POV, to be morally ambiguous. But Maddy is headed down a dark path. We are hoping she learns a lesson while also understanding how she got to where she is. Nathaniel’s character grows a lot in this book, too. His character goes from bad to good to bad all the time. He is ambiguous, and I like him that way. I was disappointed that J.B. was barely present, he’s such a sweetheart and deserves more airtime.

If you are reading this series already, I would suggest you pick up this book. The adventure is gaining it’s momentum, and I am expecting a lot more from Henry in upcoming books.

Sex: Kissing, sex scenes, brief and not graphic
Violence:Tons throughout the book. Again, brief and not graphic.

rating: 4 out of 5 stars
series rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Next book: Black Heart will be out October 29, 2013

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