I met Kim Harrison!!

25 Jan

I have to save the world tomorrow, and I don’t even know what I’m going to wear yet.”

Ever After by Kim Harrison

Meeting a movie star or Justin Bieber might be exciting for some people, but for me, nothing tops meeting a favorite author. Thursday, I got to meet Kim Harrison, author of the Hollows books, promoting her most recent book Ever After.

Both my friend and I read the books and loved them. So, we drove for two hours, during rush hour, to get to the signing. With two kids under the age of four. If my friend weren’t a super-mom, we would have never made it. 😉

We got there a little less than an hour before the signing, The place was already packed! I was going to stand against the wall, but someone was like “here is an empty seat.” In the front row. DUDE. I was literally right next to the table Kim Harrison was sitting at. I already had a cold, but I felt my voice leave me. I was so nervous!

While we were waiting for the event to start, I got to meet Sean Speakman. He is very active in the Sci-fi/Fantasy world, such as SUVUDU and The Signed Page. His first novel The Dark Thorn came out recently, and now I want to read it.

During the Q&A people asked questions from how many more books to about “Trent’s turtleneck”. My favorite was regarding Rachel’s virginity–did she become a virgin every single time she used a transformation curse on herself? Apparently she does–ensue the wincing.

Afterwards, we took the group picture of people who wore the tour-Ts. I noticed one girl used colorful ribbons to tighten her t-shirt so it fits better. I wish I thought of that! Then again, do you honestly want me to sew? Bad idea.


Finally, they called for people to line up, with the first row going first. I could have been the very first person, but I let the people who were there before me go first. When I got up there to get my book signed, I could barely get my words out. I don’t remember what I said, but I do remember speaking meekly. I think I said I appreciated her books, and she said thank you. Kim Harrison is a personable and down to earth person. You would never know she was famous!


Here is a picture of the both of us


I knew I was going to enjoy my time there, I just didn’t anticipate my own nervousness. I’m glad I already had my clothes picked out, otherwise I would have dressed all mismatched or something crazy. Still, it was a delightful experience to meet the author of one of my favorite series. I hope I get the chance to go to another signing!

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