Book Review: Ever After by Kim Harrison

23 Jan

His eyes met mine at the soft touch, and a chime seemed to shake the ley line, realigning the universe.
He was mine.

Ever After by Kim Harrison

Summary: Rachel Morgan’s on trial yet again, and this time it is from the demons! She created a ley line, and now it is leaking everywhere. If Rachel can’t find a way to fix it, the line and all of it’s magic will disappear forever. When people she loves starts going missing, Rachel, with Trent Kalamack and the demon Algaliarept, has the task that she always has: save the world.

Review: I finished this book hours ago, but it took me awhile to digest the story. Because it was that GOOD. Something happened that I REALLLLLY wished didn’t happen, but it was written in a perfect, heartbreaking fashion. So I grudgingly accepted the incident.

This is book eleven in the Hollows series, so the world is already built and established. Yet Harrison still finds ways to add to the new world without compromising the integrity of the world already built. In this book, the focus is on the ever after, the demons, and the elves. And in the center of it all is Rachel. We have the answer to some questions, and we can begin to see the beloved series winding down. Lot of action and meaningful conversations in this book. And it wasn’t just a roller coaster ride for the reader, but for Rachel as well. There are moments of joy, fear, excitement, and of extreme sadness. We have kidnapped babies, rings, promises, death, love, and of course… Nick-k-k-k.

By book 11, what more can you learn about our favorite characters? Well according to Harrison, quite a bit. This is a book where see all of our characters stripped raw to not just us and themselves, but also to other characters. We see Rachel having a crisis of conscience, Trent dealing with the kidnapping of family, Ivy facing up to the fact that she needs to be needed. We even see Ellasbeth in moments of weakness. Relationships are also under pressure as Trent and Rachel learn to navigate this land where they actually like each other… more than they or the world would like.

Although I am sad that there are only two more books left in the series, I love the way the plot lines are being tied off and things are coming to their conclusion. The last two books are bound to be phenomenal! If you think this series interests you, I would recommend starting with the first two books: Dead Witch Walking and The Good, the Bad, and the Undead.

Violence: Magic fighting, death.
Sex: Kissing

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Series Rating: 4.5 out 5 stars

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