Decisions Matter

18 Dec

“…when you know life isn’t forever, the decisions you make matter. You don’t have the next hundred years to try to fix a mistake.”

Dying Bites by D.D. Barant

I was sitting at home, trying to decide what I should do about the truck. Should I sell it? Should I get it registered? Should I wait around and save money to buy a car? I ponder and then pick up my phone to text the husband to see what he thinks.

But wait. He’s deployed. Not here. I can’t simply text. I can’t call. He may or may not be online at some point today.

There are so many things that are hard about deployments. The distance, the increased responsibility. The loneliness. The fact that I have to wash my own damn dishes!

But it’s the little things like this that trips me up. There is no easy way to ask my husband his opinion. I just have to decide. No input, no “team decision making”. Just make a decision. Sure, that’s fun when I’m trying to decide whether I should buy that new book or not (the answer is always yes when I’m making the decision by myself!). But, it’s not so easy making decisions that impact both of us as a family. The decision I make matters for our life together and we should be making them together. I hate making them alone.

Less than 9 months…

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