Review: Magic For a Price by Devon Monk

08 Nov

“Do you know the Guardians?” I asked Zay. “Is there some kind of club or yearly get-together where Guardians get drunk, wear funny hats, and compare war stories?”

Magic for a Price by Devon Monk

Summary: Isabelle and Leander, the first known soul complements and apocalypse bringers are still out there, And Allie Beckstrom still can’t use magic. Oh and her dead dad is still in her head. With her boyfriend and soul complement Zayvion, and her friends Shame and Terric, can she save the world? And what is her dad STILL hiding from her?

Review: This is the conclusion of the Allie Beckstrom saga and it was awesome! The world created by Devon Monk had a satisfying conclusion, even though there were a few details I didn’t like.

The world created in this series is not based on any supernatural creature, but rather humans who can do magic which is organic. It’s a beautifully crafted world, where Monk blended technology with magic.  The different types of magic, glyphs, ghosts, It’s original and built seamlessly. The plot points are pretty original, too.  Hounds, Authority, and the complexity of father/daughter relationships. Being the last book, you want all the crucial questions answered, and they were.  Some stuff was left unanswered, but I like that–can’t get the answers to everything.

I love the characters in these books.  Each person is such an individual! You got Allie, who is a blunt, nurturing, claustrophobic, and has holes in her memory. Zayvion is the strong, silent, man who believes in his job.  Then we got Shame. OH SHAME! I don’t think I would like the books half as much if it weren’t for this kid.  And finally the late Daniel Beckstrom. Talk about complex.

The relationships are focused differently as compared to other Urban Fantasy books: A tragic love story with no triangle or (permanent) death.  I usually get annoyed with the concept of fated mates–but Monk puts an entirely different spin to it, and soul complements are not always a good thing. And the romance is hardly the most significant relationship in this book.  This series is based on the evolution and history of Allie’s relationship with her father.  If the heart of the story is Zayvion and Allie’s relationship, than the spirit of the story is her and her father’s relationship.

And that brings about my first issue: I was hoping for a better resolution to the Daniel Beckstrom mystery.  I liked the final battle scene with Stone and Cody. But how Daniel told Allie about what happened and how it happened fell flat. Instead of a letter, how about a flashback? A conversation would have worked, also. I thought Allie’s response was flat, too. I was hoping for a moment where she felt connected to him, and it wasn’t there.

The story altogether could have been MORE.  It feels like Monk held back when she could have gone for the jugular, more emotion, more tears.  More. I wanted more.  And I always have an issue with “wrapped up in a pretty bow” endings. Having important people die in battle makes the story even richer, IMO. When all the injured miraculously don’t die, it’s like . . . oh well it must not have been that bad.

Still, This book was a great wrap up to an excellent series. I am going to miss Allie, Zayvion, Cody, Davy . . . but this isn’t the last we will see of Shame and Terric!

Sex: Kissing, no sex in this one
Violence: There is war! Of course there is violence!

Book Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Series Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Next Book: This is the end of the series, but there is supposed to be a spin off with Shame and Terric! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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