Review: Iced by Karen Marie Moning

30 Oct

“You got any Adele?” Jo says hopefully.
“Not a single song,” I say happily. “Got some Nicki Minaj, though.”
“Somebody kill me now,” Ryodan says and closes his eyes.

Iced by Karen Marie Moning

Summary: The walls between faery and our reality have fallen and half the world population is gone. Dublin is filled with fae, sidh-seers, unseelie eating cops, and men who no one is quite sure what they are. In the year 1 AWC, something is freezing humans and fae, and Dani O’Malley is in the center of it all, doing her best to survive.

Review: As a spin-off series from the Fever books, Iced is a powerful kickoff for the series. Karen Marie Moning is one talented author, and reading Iced just confirmed it. However, even though I enjoyed the book a lot, the feeling I am left with is confusion.

Dani’s pov is fascinating, and it’s fun to follow her thought process. She thinks as fast as she can move, which is EXTREMELY fast. In the Fever books, her POV was a bit annoying, but I think it’s much improved in this book. Dani’s voice is different from Mac’s–it is both younger and wiser. If you don’t like teenage speak, this book might be hard to swallow.

The book is anything but YA. The world built in the Fever series is still here, with new villains and heroes. The fae are as “Evil” as ever, yet we still see places where that judgement might be harsh. There is blood, death, and awkward moments.

A lot of the characters have changed over time, and we see what that means. We learn about Ryodan. I liked him better in the original Fever books, because in this series, he comes across a bit douchy, not as a magnificent alpha male. Sure, Barrons had his jerk moments, but I never felt he treated people badly. The way Ryodan treats some of the people he “deals with”, I agree with Dani, it’s shitty. I love Christian, who is in this book a lot, also. He is a contradictory character now that he’s turning into unseelie, and we never know if he’s good, bad, or downright bizarre. While I miss the sweet, handsome student, this guy is much more interesting. And there are several chapters from his POV, so that was fun.

We also find out about characters you would never have expected. Dancer, Dani’s best friend, and the only normal relationship she really has. We get chapters from Kat’s POV and find out about her burdens. We get to know more about Lor, Jo, and even Jayne.

One of the issues I have, and maybe it’s intentional, is I am uneasy and not sure about Ryodan and Dani’s relationship. Is it potential for romance (when she is of age, I hope), or is it something else? If it is romantic, it is a bit skeevy cause she’s so young. It doesn’t bother me with Christian so much because a) we get inside his head and see that he recognizes that she’s young. b) he’s only 8 years older. Once she gets to be 16/17, I think it works. With Ryo, not so much.

That leads to my other issue that if the romantic triangle (or quadrangle as the case may be here) is Ryo/Dani/Christian, it seems suspiciously like Barrons/Mac/V’lane. Too much so. We even have a Fiona! However, there are differences, plus I may just be presuming certain relationships, so I will reserve judgement.

One of the other issues I have with the book that I think is prevalent through the Fever series. The series is set in Dublin, in Europe. Not the United States. So why does Dani talk like an American teenager? She picked up “dude” from American movies . . . but her tone and linguistic structure should be different. Why are all the musical artists mentioned are American? Why is everything an American reference? That is the only part of the world building that I think the author fails at.

All in all, a great addition to the Fever world. Mega is back and ready to save the day!

Sex: Dani sees NO action, so if you are concerned about that, don’t be. There is kissing and sex from other POV’s, and an awkward moment Dani runs into.
Violence: Blood, guts, swords swishing, claws killing. Lots of violence.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
World Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Next Book: is called Burned, but I am not sure when it will be out.

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