Review: Feed by Mira Grant

17 Oct

“The zombies are here, and they’re not going away, but they’re not the story.”

Feed by Mira Grant

Synopsis: It’s 2039, and 25ish years ago, the world cured the common cold and cancer.  But, curing those diseases also caused a zombie uprising.  Now, the world is altered, yet oddly, still the same.  A team of young bloggers, George, Shaun and Buffy, just got hired to report on the presidential election.  What they stumble onto is much bigger than they thought.

Review: I love the Toby Daye and InCryptid books by Seanan McGuire. Therefore, I had high hopes for Feed, written under her pen name, Mira Grant. However, while there was a lot I liked, there was also some things I didn’t like.

One of her strengths as an author is world building, and she did not disappoint in this regard.  Many zombie books and movies are about the world recent after a zombie apocalypse (days to maybe a year or so).  But what could happen in 25 years? The world starts to rebuild itself around the survivors and the new challenges that come with living alongside zombies.The details to create this world are exquisite.  From the devices to check for diseases, to how people deal with their fear, Mira Grant does not miss a beat.

The plot was definitely a refreshing take on life in a zombie culture.  Most zombie stories are about the “human condition”, but they are usually about people’s reactions during “end of the world” scenarios.  But in a world where everyone under the age of 25 has lived alongside zombies, evaluating the human condition is different.  It is a lot more complicated, and not that different from what we go through in today’s world. Politics is huge in this book, as is media and how transparent we humans can be. (There is a really funny line regarding election 2018, love it.)

The main problem I had with the book was the characters, which is why I think the book went downhill for me at the end.  The characters and their development fell flat for me.  Unlike her other books, where even minor characters have depth to them, I did not feel the same way about the characters of this book.  At least, from George’s POV, we felt her pain and exhaustion.  When we switched to Shaun’s POV, I don’t know who this guy is. Yes, he loves his sister, but I didn’t really know who he was by the end of this book.  The characters that died and lived, I hoped to feel something for them, and I genuinely didn’t.

I was really excited for this book, and the potential for the series to pick up with the next book is huge. But in at the end of Feed, I felt it was”just another zombie story.” I liked it but didn’t feel wowed by it.

Sex: No romance in this book, no sex.
Violence: A lot of blood and gore, It’s zombies!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Next Book: Deadline, starting now!

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