Review: Death’s Rival by Faith Hunter

03 Oct

“Humans wore skin and clothes– many clothes instead of fur. Would have been smarter to grow fur, but humans were never smart.”

Death’s Rival by Faith Hunter

Synopsis: Leo, MOC of New Orleans, has sent his “enforcer” Jane Yellowrock to investigate a series of vampire illnesses. Someone wants Leo’s throne, and won’t hesitate to go to war over it. Jane, nursing a broken heart over losing her boyfriend and her friends, is chasing a killer all over the country to prevent a war. But who will help her win her own battles?

Review: I knew this book was going to be good, but I didn’t know HOW good.

I would say the 5th installment of the Jane Yellowrock series is about Jane recognizing who the people around her really are, and who she truly is. She questions her morality as far as killing goes, and how much she is responsible as “Beast”. She wonders about her religious views and how her past relates to her beliefs. I think the spiritual musings are unique to the Jane Yellowrock series, and it brings a different flavor to the mix.

Her relationships with everyone are microscoped. Jane is truly alone in this book. She has lost her friends, her boyfriend, and everyone else seems to betray her. She evaluates her relationship with Leo, Katie, Bruiser, Rick and Derek. New characters are introduced, and they create a contrast that was lost when Rick got bit: her supernatural relationships vs. her very human ones. Jane has legitmate trust issues because of the past and what happens in this book (grrrrr . . . Leo!). However, some of her trust issues are not entirely fair.

Her love life hadn’t really changed. Sure things happened, words were exchanged, and we got introduced to a new love interest. But, the overall situation fundamentally remains the same.

Jane and Beast’s relationship has also truly grown. They have grown to trust each other. The cynicism and scorn from the earlier books has virtually disappeared (although Beast still sneaks in jabs!).

Unfortunately, there is a lot I can’t share because that would give away huge spoilers. But, this book is a HUGE game changer. Your perspective on certain characters may change, and you are left wondering “what now?” I am left itching for the next installment! Only 6 more months!

Sex: kissing, making out.
Violence: vampire feedings, fights, animal attacks. Vulgar.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Series Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Next Book: Blood Trade will be out in April 2013!

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