11 Days Later . . .

27 Sep

“By root and branch, by leaf and vine, on rowan and oak and ash and thorn I swear that what is given to my keeping shall remain in my keeping and shall be given over only to the one who holds my bond. My blood to the defense of the task I am set, my heart to the keeping of the promise to which I am bound.”
The air grew thick with the taste of pennyroyal and musk as his magic crackled around us, drowning out the taste of roses. “Broken promises are the road to our damnation,” I said, the copper and cut grass smell of my own magic undercutting his. “Promises kept are the meeting of all our myriad roads.”
“And such a meeting will my promise be.”

Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire

Okay so I broke a few promises to you guys.  One you didn’t know about and that was trying to post 3-5 times a week.  I haven’t posted in a week and a half; I apologize.  Things have been a bit crazy at home lately.  My thesis has picked up again, and I’m working on it nearly EVERY DAY (including weekends) so I can defend in November.  I really hate it . . . and it’s almost over.  But it’s at that point the hatred and nearness to completion is fueling my work.  And that has taken priority.

Another Promise I broke was posting about my take on the Health at Every Size book.  Well I hope to make one or two more posts about that, although it wasn’t within the week time frame.  But I will certainly post something asap!

You may also be wondering, where are all the book reviews?  Well I have limited my book reviews to ones that I want to REALLLLLY review.  Older books that have been out for awhile probably won’t get reviewed, and a series will probably get a review when I review the latest book.  So, the new series I have been reading has been the Riley Jensen books, and I’m on book 7 now.  When I’m done with the series at book 9, I will give you guys an overall review.

I also spent a week or so doing rereads.  Two books are coming out in a week so I had to reread for them.  One was Fury’s Kiss by Karen Chance, so I read the two other books in the series again, and since it’s affiliated with the Cassie Palmer series, I read the latest book from that series, as well.  Especially since I looooooove that book.  I also reread the last two books from the Jane Yellowrock series because her 6th book, Death’s Rival comes out next week (Who’s ready for some more Bruiser, Gregoire, and the B-twins????)

I did read one book, which was the latest Spellcracker novel, The Shifting Price of Prey, that is not even out in the United States yet!  A friend let me borrow a copy, (Thanks Stacey!), so I will review that tomorrow.

I got my period again this month, so no baby again.  I’m a bit annoyed with the doctor’s office since they don’t call back!  And my medication has to be taken on specific days, which fall on the weekend.  So I need to go get my blood test and get my meds picked up today and tomorrow.  Annoying!!

Anyways, 11 days later I was able to post, ha ha.  You now have a boring but accurate summary of what has happened during these last couple of weeks.  I’ll try to get 2 more posts written this month.  Wish me luck!

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