Giving Marisol a Life

27 Jul

I paused and glanced behind me. Where I’d walked, flowers had blossomed, small red ones scattered throughout the grassy path. I knelt down, inhaling their heady scent. “Why’s it happening?”
“You’re its ruler. You’re giving the land life and energy.”

Iron Crowned by Richelle Mead

I have not written my “Lady Marisol” book(ish) lately.  However, she has been on my mind, a lot.  I have been wondering, how did she become a courtesan?  Was it choice?  If it was a choice, why did she choose that profession instead of being a gardener or cook?  I know how she got to the place where she grew up.  I don’t know anything from there to when she got to Corentin’s Compound.  How did she grow up?  Who, besides Lady Lavender, was in her life?  Who did she play with? What did she play?

I want to know her thought patterns.  In the beginning of the book she sees herself as less valuable member of society, although cherishes her place in Corentin’s (and Durante’s) life.  But why does she feel that way?  Was it an incident that forever changed her cognitions?

It’s interesting to me because I have a lot of Marisol’s life and background written up, but not her experiences and life growing up.  The answers to these questions are in her childhood and adolescence.  That huge gap is what I’m filling in now, and it is FUN.  This is why I write–I get to create not just worlds and characters, but because I get to create their LIFE.

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