Traveling into Urban Fantasy

26 Jul

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” 

The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

I have become an Urban Fantasy junkie. I love it. I love the world building, the magic, the characters. I like the fact that I can become so immersed in a world so different from ours without having any dire consequences in real life. Because I mean really, in theory, Kate Daniel’s world is adventurous and magical, but who actually wants technology to fail and all our buildings to fall apart? I’m sure the people of Atlanta would be furious. But in books, you can love a world of brainless vampires and sexy shapeshifters as the world falls apart around you (literally and figuratively).

I started rereading the Kate Daniels series because of the new book coming out on Tuesday called Gunmetal Magic.  Now that I have been reading Urban Fantasy for over a year, I picked up on plot points I may not have before (foreshadowing of Julie’s eventual predicament), and noticed how seamlessly the series fits into the Urban Fantasy formula. Not that it’s not original–because these books are original and fascinating–but that I can easily see why I love this book and others.

So how did I get tangled up into reading almost 30+ series in UF/PNR (with a bunch of failed starts)? Here is my story . . .

I have always been fascinated with fantasy elements, mainly magic. I used to read TONS as a kid, split between romances and magic type books. Some mystery. But high school and college my reading slowed down a lot . . .

And then I discovered Harry Potter. Oh, how I love MAGIC! I got hooked on to reading again, but I was a busy college student and then grad school started . . . I read the Twilight series and was disappointed.

After I got married I wanted to explore my love for the supernatural, but without all the teen angst. I wanted grown up books, filled with adult emotions and sex. Someone suggested The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I went to Amazon and did searches for fantasy, and the Kate Daniels series was highly recommended, so I bought both series (paperback, no kindle yet). I had never read about a world like Kate Daniel’s Atlanta and fell in LOVE. But I wasn’t addicted to the genre yet.

I read more books, but they were romance genre, and then got a kindle and was reading romances that just got kinkier and kinkier LOL. Around winter 2011-12, I wanted to go back to paranormal, so started reading the Breeds, and the Dark-Hunter Series.

When the 5th Kate Daniels book came out last summer, I was reminded of the genre and went searching for more. Read the Anita Blake series, which started out strong, but got weird quickly. Then I discovered the Elemental Assassin series, and fell in love AGAIN.  Followed by the Night Huntress series, because who doesn’t love a generous dose of Bones calling his beloved, “kitten”.

And then, I saw the Hollows, and looked at the first book and thought “cheesy” maybe I should skip it. But I read Dead Witch Walking, and was hesitant to keep reading, but I can’t stop a series when I start it unless it’s a BAD book. So I read the second book and fell REALLY in love. Always give love a second a second chance because this is my favorite series after Harry Potter.

And books kept adding up.  Cassie Palmer Series, Toby Daye Series, Jane Yellowrock series, Jane True series, Sign of the Zodiac . . .the list just goes on and on.

This love is extra special, because it led me to my own fantasies, worlds, and dreams. It led me to realize I love to write creatively. So thank you Urban Fantasy, for giving me a fantastic travel experience without having to pay for baggage, a plane ticket, or hotel room.

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