Why Anyan and not Ryu?

29 Jun

“I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t love him, or because I can’t love him for demanding something like that from me. Or because he doesn’t know me for squat. But I couldn’t give him my whole life. And that’s what he wanted from me. He wanted everything, and I wanted him to love me for what I had already offered.”

Tracking the Tempest by Nicole Peeler

I figured out why I don’t like certain male protagonists.  I couldn’t find a trend before.  Sometimes it was the underdog, sometimes the fan favorite.  Sometimes the sweet nice guy, sometimes the bad boy.  He is sometimes rich, sometimes poor.  A race car driver, a business man.

The ones I don’t like are always CONTROLLING.

When I realized that, it stopped being a surprise.  Anyone who knows me even a little knows I hate controlling men.  Pet peeve. 😉  But it’s funny that my own issues got plastered into books.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me an alpha male.  But an alpha male who is all “do what I want.” is not sexy.  An alpha male who is alpha enough to let her make decisions, that’s hot.  That is actually hotter than a pansy boy.  If you want to find out my perfect man in books, Anyan in the Jane True books comes pretty close to a “perfect” male protagonist (Jane is also probably the character I most identify with compared to other UF females).

That’s why I don’t like Edward, Jacob, Nick, Marshall, Pierce, Ryu, Mircea, Donovan, Kiyo, Terrible, Mychael . . . . but I love Kisten, Trent, Tybalt, Prtikin, Owen, Anyan, Ben, Cormac, Curran, Dorian, Ricky-bo, Bruiser, Tam . . . .

(I know some of the guys on the “not controlling” list are “controlling” in some ways, but there are reasons for why they aren’t controlling in my eyes).

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