Garbage and Gold

16 Jun

“Men,” she said, rolling her eyes as she sat before her screen again. “Don’t they realize that if we wanted to rule the world, we could?”

I gave her a noncommittal nod and squirted a tiny amount of water into the next plant. I kinda thought we already did.

The Good, the Bad, and the Undead by Kim Harrison

Today I finished my first draft of Chapter 4.  Wow, that was a tough chapter to get through! Typically, I write a chapter in two parts.  First is putting down the bare bones–Ideas, dialogue, and basic scene layout.  That’s usually around 2500-3000 words.  Then I go back and start filling in all the holes.  Expressions, feelings, and non verbal cues are added, along with expanding on the ideas already present.  Then it becomes a full fledged chapter.  After that I do a basic round of editing, and the 1st draft is done.

With this chapter, I knew where I wanted to go, but I didn’t know how to get there.  There were some background information that needed to come out, and somehow creating a scene around people just “hanging out” was tough.  The initial write made me want to throw it all out.  But when I started adding in the emotions and body language, I started to see what was garbage and what was gold.  The draft is much better now.

Although I am a lot more pleased with this chapter, I’m really glad it’s over.  The hard phases are good exercises for the brain, but dude, they exhaust me!  The next few chapters should go pretty smoothly.

And I ordered pizza for dinner, and I hope my husband is okay with it.  I didn’t really tell him that was the plan, but, who really makes the decision around here anyways? 😉

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