Who is Marisol?

14 Jun

My conversations with Prime Durante always led to someplace deeper than talking about my body parts and his sexual prowess, but sometimes I did not know how to respond to him. I wanted to shake him hard and yell, “You’re an idiot!  You’re the greatest leader there is.”   Maybe slap some sense into him.  Tie him up and not let him orgasm until he declared he was the best.  Then, I would make him shout it from the rooftops! Have people chant “Durante, Durante”!  I shook myself out of my fantasies.  My job was to be a courtesan, which included gentle prodding, not starting revolutions. So my plain response was, “What do you mean, sir?”


Who is Marisol?

She’s got dark curly hair, big brown eyes, hispanic.

who is she?

She works as a courtesan, has little magic, and looks good in short skirts.

But who is she?

She’s agreeable, open, but not very conscientious.

Still not getting the picture. WHO IS SHE?

Developing a character is hard work.  A person isn’t just how they look or where they work.  They are more than a few words stamped on them as “personality”.  A character is a complete person; one with lives, possessions, and feelings.

Discovering what the character is or could be, is one of the most fun parts of writing.  Finding out Marisol hated the site of blood made me giggle.  When I found out that she has fantasies of hurting people, fantasies that will never come to realize, I found another facet of a person who has become very real to me.

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