Book Review: Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

03 Jun

“The problem with people who say monsters don’t really exist is that they’re almost never saying it to the monsters.”

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

Synopsis: Verity Price comes from a long line of cryptozoologists: Monster (or as they are called in the book, cryptid) hunters.  Their family quit the Covenant, because not “all cryptids are bad”–therefore are labeled Traitors and must live in hiding.  Now, a sexy Covenant man is in town, and all she’d rather do is… dance.

Review: Seanan McGuire’s “Toby Daye” series is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series.  I have reread those books and absolutely adore Tybalt.  I expected similar styles, as authors tend to have a “type”.  But this book is utterly different.  And I loved every single minute of it.

First of all, world building was top notch.  She created this world that includes aeslin mice who live with Verity, dragon princesses, and grandmothers who go spelunking in hell.  I’m amazed at the lengths of details and descriptions of these “cryptids”.

The characters were original and incredible.  We have the main character Verity–she is as girly as she is kickass, she is mouthy as she is deadly.  One of the things I liked best about her is that, she is not damaged.  I know that sounds weird, but Urban Fantasies heroines tend to be kickass a lot of times because they were abused or raped, and they are characters of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  Verity is “when you can’t dance, you kill.” And I love it.  The dancing adds a depth to her character that makes her a real person.

Her family is brilliant, supportive and annoying just like anyone else’s–You could say she had a white picket life (well, as white picket as playing dodgeball with explosives might get).  Her family tree is full of wacky and crazy people, and she navigates them with shocking ease and wit.

A make it or break it characteristic for books, for me, is believability.  Can you get lost in this world as if it were real?  Do you buy what is happening?  I bought it and got the t-shirt.  The awkward romance, the murders, the killing, and the weird creatures that go boo in the night (or make you a milkshake with ketchup) is nothing like anything I have ever read.  Now I have to wait 9 months for the next book.  Hmph.

A minor con was that at the beginning, it was easy to get lost in the numerous monsters and the world of Verity Price.  It was a lot of information being dumped.  But it quickly got clear within the first quarter of the book, and the rest of the book was fun and full of action.

If you love Urban Fantasy, this is a book you should definitely read.  READ READ READ.  🙂

Sex: Kissing and sex scene.  cutesy and awkward.  very real.
Violence: Action, blood of different colors (even clear), and ewwwy creatures.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Next Book: Midnight Blue-Light Special coming out March, 2013

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