Book Review: Love is Darkness by Caroline Hanson

27 May

“”Not gonna happen. I’ll be there.” His voice was commanding. He shook his head at her, stormy gray eyes looking a little tortured. He was so handsome.


Jack had even managed to escape the Italian nose. His nose was straight, refined. Val mentally chastised herself. Nose romanticizing was for losers.”

Love is Darkness by Caroline Hanson

Synopsis: Valerie Dearborn is the daughter of a vampire hunter and is in love with another hunter–but she would rather just go to school than be a part of the family business. But the king of all vampires, Lucas, has dragged her into the supernatural world, and she can’t escape. . . . the supernatural world or the vamp’s hotness.

Review: I found the book to be okay. The Pros: I enjoyed the overall plot of the book, and am curious to find the direction it is heading. The concept is solid. I also like the dilemmas the 3 main characters have to face. It adds depth to their characters and makes them flawed. I enjoyed the cliff hanger.

The sex scenes were pretty hot. 😉

Cons: good premise, poor execution. Choppy writing, incomplete ideas. It also isn’t a particularly original idea, as far as vampire stories go. There are original aspects, but essentially the same as any other UF vampire plot.

The romance with Jack had a strong start, but all of a sudden, he becomes a douche, kind of out of nowhere. They have chemistry, but his character just took a nosedive. Lucas and Valerie doesn’t even work for me. While the sex is hot, I don’t see her attraction to him as strong as Jack. The biggest problem I have with the romance is how she knows they are both “the one” when she is with them. Ehhh, It’s one thing not to know what is in your heart, but it’s another thing to KNOW what is in your heart and be wrong about it. I don’t know if that made sense to you guys, but it does in my head! 😉

Finally, I was disappointed in the world building. She didn’t invest much time in developing a world where the hunters and vampires exist. Things just happened out of the blue, and we are supposed to just “buy it”?

I think there is a lot of potential for this author and this series. I will read the next book soon, but I’m in no hurry. If you like quick easy vampire novels, this is the book for you.

Sex: Hot steamy sex! wooo hoo!  The two steamy scenes don’t have actual intercourse though.  Only the awkward one does.  It’s funny.
Violence: gruesome scenes with blood and burnt skins and severed heads.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Next Book: Love is Fear.  It’s already out, I’ll let you know how it went when I get to it!

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