Those Who Know

26 May

Dad says there are three kinds of people in the world: those who don’t know, and don’t know they don’t know; those who don’t know and do know they don’t know; and those who know and know how much they still don’t know.

Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning

I finished writing Chapter 3 of the “Lady Marisol” book . . . and I am quite excited with what I have.  I know I have a lot of problems to still work on.  But I am sure there are problems in the writing that I have not caught.  Or maybe I think something is a problem, when it really is not.  That is why feedback is so important!

Starting on Chapter 4, Chapter 10 of the fan fiction, and of course the dreaded Thesis . . . Ick.

I am currently reading Love is Darkness, the first book in the Valerie Dearborn series by Caroline Hansen.  So far I like it, but it’s nothing special.  And I think I even like it as much as I do because I’m a fan of Jack. 🙂

Tomorrow is a baby shower, and Monday the husband and I are going to the Wine Festival in New Mexico.  Fun times!


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2 responses to “Those Who Know

  1. Brianna

    June 13, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Can’t wait to check out some of your Lady Marisol book… I know nothing about it!

    • Zeenat

      June 13, 2012 at 5:22 pm

      I just started writing it 🙂



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