Book Review: “Lover Reborn” by J.R. Ward

25 May

“It looked like Tohr and the kid had a lot in common: Courtesy of their tempers, both were now dressed in the Captain Asshole costume—which included, for no extra charge, the cape of disgrace, the booties of shame, and keys to the Fuck Up mobile.”

Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward

Synopsis: Tohrment has been living life as a shell of a human ever since his wife died. Now the Angel Lassiter is telling him things have to change, otherwise Wellsie will never go to heaven . . . No’one committed suicide after being kidnapped and raped by a sympath and giving birth to a baby girl. After living life in servitude up in Sanctuary, now she wants to get to know her daughter Xhex and find peace .. . . .

Review: A lot of people complain that the series has become less Paranormal Romance and more Urban fantasy. I think that is a good thing. The “guy meets girl and falls in love” storyline gets tiresome after awhile, and to keep a series like this going, the worldbuilding and character development outside of the romance sometimes has to take precedence. And this book did exactly that.

Tohr and No’one’s romance was sweet. Tohr had a lot of getting over to do as far as his wife’s death goes, and we watch each painful step he takes. It is a pain to watch, yet his relationship with No’one is a sweet contrast to his pain. No’one also has to get over her past, but sadly, we don’t see that much of it. I do like her epiphany at the end, that was beautiful. Overall, I enjoyed the main romance.

I think Lassiter truly made this book come alive happen. His own personal understanding of himself and his role with Tohr and No’one made me believe in the romance that was happening between Tohr and No’one.

John and Xhex had the secondary storyline, and as usual, I LOVED it. These two make reading romances worth it. The fact of the matter is, bonded males can get tiresome, and for someone like Xhex, that is a problem. Their relationship moves and grows in an awesome way. I loved it. I like that Ward revisits old romances, to show that HEA doesn’t necessarily mean there are not road bumps.

Quinn and Blay. . . A lot happens in this book as far as Quinn’s relationships and it sets up nicely for the next book which will be Quinn and Blay’s. It is sweet, and I am excited for their HEA.

World Building was breathtaking as usual. Future books will be a different flavor as the world has shifted, and we saw how in the last book with Payne and Manny. The band of bastards is a delightful development, and I’m excited to see more about Assail, Throe and Zypher. I am looking forward to see how this newest battle will unfold.

I’ve been yo yoing between a 3 or a 4 star. I settled on 4 because I genuinely enjoyed the book and it’s unfolding. But there was a lot I didn’t like. Not happy about the Layla romance development. Don’t like it at all. Ugh. I like her too much for what Ward has set up for her. Also, one of the major problems I have with Ward’s books is her endings are abrupt. The last 6 chapters were so rushed. I do think there is maybe too much Ward is trying to do in her books. Maybe cutting out some of the moping and weirdness from the middle of the book and fleshing out those last chapters would have helped the flow.  Also, where there any mention of Bonding between Tohr and No’One? And if not. . . was there an explanation either way? I feel like that was an important hole left answered–and I’m hoping it was on purpose.

Sex:  Hot steamy sex, and a lot of it.  Tohr and No’one, and John and Xhex.  Especially like the office sex between John and Xhex.  Whew!!
Violence: Lots of violence as usual, probably even more so at the beginning of the book.  Nothing is too gruesome.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Series rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Next book: No title, but it will be Quinn and Blay’s story, Probably coming out March of next year.  Much anticipated!

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